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David Tvildiani Medical University

“AIETI” Medical School is a branch of David Tvildiani Medical University. Its mission is to provide scientifically-oriented Higher Medical Education based on the best International experience.

AIETI Medical School Has been recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) and listed in “World Directory of Medical Schools” in 1995. Shortly after that, it’s diploma has been verified and authorized by the Medical Examination Committees of the USA, different countries of Europe and Asia.

This is Georgia

The country that loves you

Georgia - the ancient country with more then25-century of history is a bridge, between Europe and Asia. 
It is bordered by the Russian Federation, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Black Sea.
Georgia is a rather mountainous country, home to some of Europe’s highest mountain peaks.
It also presents a large mix of other landscapes and micro-climates, ranging from dry wine-growing valleys in the east, to lush Black Sea resorts in the west.
Georgia is known for cities with narrow side streets, mangled and twisted stairways, and majestic old churches, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.